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How We Do It

How we do it

Advice Process

We invite each of our new clients for an initial consultation, during which we will fully explain the services we offer.

The primary objective of this first consultation is to determine if we are the right people to advise you and whether our service will be of benefit. This initial consultation is offered to you without any charge or any obligation on your part. In many cases this will lead to further discussions where we will explore your individual circumstances more fully and consider all the options available to you before we produce a full bespoke report.

The Review Service

Any recommended actions you agree to will then be implemented and reviewed on a continual basis. The review service generally involves an annual consultation although, depending on your circumstances, this can be more frequent.

To ensure the annual review consultation is worthwhile and relevant, prior to the meeting, we will contact you to request an update on any changes in your circumstances. Following the review, where appropriate, we will write to inform you of any actions that we recommend.